The National Conservation Lands Celebrate 13 Years — Toot!

Horns toot across America today for the National Conservation Lands, which celebrate 13 years from when they were established under one management system in 2000. It’s amazing what can happen in 13 years. A child turns into a teenager. The cicada squirms from the earth to sing for a mate. A dog reaches its golden years. And, under the partnership of the Bureau of Land Management and the Conservation Lands Foundation, the National Conservation Lands system has grown up to 28 million acres and 818 units of the last of the best special places in America.

Last year, using the Antiquities Act President Obama designated Fort Ord National Monument and this year he designated the San Juan Islands and the Rio Grande del Norte national monuments. Three new national monuments joined the National Conservation Lands within a year − not bad! Each day, work continues to protect more of these special places by the Conservation Lands Foundation, the only non-profit in America dedicated solely to safeguarding the National Conservation Lands, and our local advocates in the Friends Grassroots Network.

To show your appreciation of the National Conservation Lands, celebrate them with a day off to enjoy quality time at a monument, wilderness, wilderness study area, national conservation area, Wild and Scenic River or National Scenic and Historic Trail.


Secretary Salazar at the dedication of the Fort Ord National Monument

Secretary Salazar at the dedication of the Fort Ord National Monument in May 2012 (Photo cradit: Gordon Smith)

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