September is National Wilderness Month!

President Obama has declared September National Wilderness Month!  This month we enter the 50th year of The Wilderness Act, one of America’s landmark public lands conservation laws.  Planning is already underway to celebrate the 50th Anniversary in 2014 in Albuquerque and a number of other companion events.  Plan on attending one.

The National Wilderness Preservation System story is a story of a citizen movement that has increased protected wilderness from just over 9 million original acres in 1964 to more than 109 million acres today.  It is a story of communities investing in their futures, of individuals insisting on accountability, and a chain of advocacy built link by link by successive generations.  Throughout the country, groups like Tuleyome, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Colorado Canyons Association, Friends of Sonoran Desert National Monument and Friends of Oregon Badlands Wilderness are celebrating their wilderness legacies.

To read more about why we need wilderness, check out The Wilderness Society.

And here’s a quiz for wilderness buffs:  what, when and where was the first designated BLM wilderness?  The first two correct answers submitted to john@conservationlands.org with a mailing address will receive a complimentary copy of Debbie Miller’s On Arctic Ground, a gorgeous and inspiring book that lays out why the National Petroleum Reserve’s finest lands deserve permanent protection.




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