Now more than ever, let’s support the Friends of Gold Butte

Public lands in southern Nevada have been receiving a lot of attention of late, but for all the wrong reasons.

The conflict between an illegal trespass grazer and the land management agency responsible for enforcing the law and protecting our public lands has been covered extensively throughout the media in the past weeks. The damage being done to land belonging to all Americans as a result of these activities needs to end, and we are hopeful the situation can soon be resolved.

As an unfortunate result, viewers of the bizarre drama unfolding in the Mojave Desert could be forgiven if they incorrectly came away thinking that “public land” was synonymous with conflict with land managers, armed militia members, profiteering through the abuse of public lands, bigotry, and law breaking.

Joshua tree and Gold Butte landscape

Joshua tree and Gold Butte landscape, photo by: David Bobzien, Conservation Lands Foundation

Of course, the public lands of Gold Butte, the unfortunate stage for this controversy and media circus, is so much more than this. It is a wondrous landscape- 360,000 acres of rugged mountains, Joshua tree and yucca forests, dramatic sandstone formations, and braided washes that descend into slot canyons. It is a region abundant with wildlife. Big horn sheep, kit foxes and coyotes roam while golden eagles soars above. In addition, species of reptiles such as the venomous Mojave Green rattlesnake, the Gila monster, and the elusive desert tortoise all call Gold Butte home.

FriendsofGoldButtelogoFriends of Gold Butte works tirelessly to achieve permanent protection of the biological, geological and cultural resources of Gold Butte through education, community outreach and advocacy. Based in Mesquite, the Friends host regular education programs, outings and service projects to introduce people to the amazing public lands of the region, and care for Gold Butte through stewardships and partnerships.

Hikers at Gold ButteDespite the media coverage of their region as one of controversy and lawlessness, the Friends of Gold Butte are now more committed than ever to work in partnership with all who love Gold Butte to achieve its protection as part of the National Conservation Lands. In recent days, vandalism in the wake of the turmoil demonstrate how critically important their work is.

Today, Friday April 25th, is Nevada’s “Big Give” day, a chance to support non-profits all across the state and the work they do. Won’t you please support the Friends of Gold Butte today by giving online?

Anyone who’s been watching the controversy in southern Nevada in recent days will agree: Gold Butte needs friends. Let’s all support the Friends of Gold Butte in working to protect our public lands and show the world that we, as Americans, value our public lands and believe in working in partnership on their behalf.

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