Never Underestimate The Power of a “Friend”

Since 1989, Pompeys Pillar Historical Association has been working to secure the protection of Pompeys Pillar, the 150-foot sandstone butte in Montana where Captain William Clark carved his signature in 1806. Located along the Yellowstone River about 30 miles from Billings, the inscription is the only remaining physical evidence of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.Clarksig

After securing the designation of the area as a national monument in 2001 – a birthday shared by the Upper Missouri River Breaks, Sonoran Desert and Kasha-Katuwe National Monuments − the group has been working to ensure that Monument visitors help steward the site while also learning about its history and its place in the National Conservation Lands.

This year the group decided to change its name to Friends of Pompeys Pillar National Monument.  In addition to improving its visibility and effectiveness as an advocate for the place, the group realized that being a “friend” would strengthen its ability to raise funds and mobilize visitors, donors and the general public on behalf of the Pillar and the Conservation Lands. FriendsGroup

In the midst of the name change, the group also made tremendous strides in strengthening the organization.  The newly named Friends group hired Jonathon Peart as its first Executive Director and is relocating to Billings, Montana’s largest city, where it is currently setting up an office. The Friends also expanded its e-alert system, redesigned its logo (don’t miss the new T-shirt!), created new information and membership materials and set up a Facebook page that it updates regularly.

To support this great progress, the group is creating a new database and developing a media plan to help publicize the many events it hosts over the summer like their Elk River Brigade – an opportunity to participate and learn about the black powder weapons used during the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Please take a moment to welcome Jonathan to the Friends Grassroots Network and to “like” their new Facebook page.

With a generous contribution to the organization, you might even be lucky enough to get one of their new T-shirts!

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