Press release – New initiative will encourage next generation of conservation leaders

Durango, CO (February 19, 2015)  The Conservation Lands Foundation applauded the kick-off of the Every Kid in a Park initiative to encourage young people to explore America’s parks and public lands. The goal of the initiative is to encourage all 4th graders and their families to visit our country’s outdoor treasures and historic sites in the 2015-2016 school year.

“The sense of wonder and discovery is never more visible in my daughter’s eyes than when she is outside experiencing nature,” said Brian O’Donnell, Executive Director of the Conservation Lands Foundation. “Nature is the best teacher, and our parks provide an ideal classroom for learning and inspiration. This is a fantastic initiative that will have lasting benefits for America’s children.”

Coinciding with the National Park Service centennial, the Department of Interior is creating a pass to give children and families free access to National Parks, National Conservation Lands, National Forests, National Wildlife Refuges, and a score of other Federal public lands and waters locations that charge an entrance fee.

The announcement came on the same day that the President designated national monuments at Browns Canyon in Colorado, the Honouliuli Internment Camp in Hawaiʻi and Pullman in Chicago. These designations protect natural spaces—which provide opportunities for kids and families to be physically active and connect with nature—and preserve our history for future generations to learn from.

“These monument designations protect outdoor places and traditions that help kids and families get outdoors, be active and connect with nature. They are also an important way to honor our history and broaden the appeal of our public lands to an increasingly diverse American public,” stated O’Donnell.  “We look forward to President Obama’s continued leadership in protecting our nation’s most significant natural treasures so that our children and grandchildren will experience America’s outdoor heritage.”



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