Jaime Pinkham Speaking at the 2013 Friends Rendezvous in Bend, OR

The Conservation Lands Foundation is excited to welcome Jaime Pinkham to the 2013 Friends Rendezvous.   A member of the Nez Perce tribe, Jaime will be speaking about his heritage, his grandfather, and how the two relate to conservation.  Jaime is a big believer that biological diversity goes hand-in-hand with cultural diversity.  He has said that “[a] healthy environment is fundamental to our way of life and traditions.  And the survival of certain resources is sacred to the expression of our beliefs.”

Instead of speaking at an audience, Jaime is a big believer in telling stories.  Jaime believes that “[s]tories do matter, and they help people connect to one another.”  He knows that facts and figures are one way to inform, but another way is to realize that “stories are real gems” and can make more of an impact than a typical speech.

Jaime has played leadership roles in both cultural and environmental organizations.  In addition to being a citizen of the Nez Perce tribe, he is a vice president of the Bush Foundation in Minneapolis-St. Paul and on the boards of both The Wilderness Society and American Rivers.   Jaime leads the Bush Foundation’s Native Nations program, where he works with 23 tribes that inhabit Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Jaime has spent much of his career protecting Native sovereignty and tribal treaty rights.  He has twice been elected to the Tribal Council serving as treasurer as the Tribe was expanding into gaming.  He has also managed the Tribe’s natural resource departments where he was involved in wolf recovery, acquiring ancestral lands, water rights negotiations, and salmon restoration.

Can’t wait to listen to Jaime?  Find out more about him by taking look at his blog.

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