“IT’S HAPPENING!!! Please help us celebrate!”

Happy Friday, and what a week! On Monday, May 19, Obama Administration officials announced the President’s intention to designate a new Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument—and he signed the proclamation on Wednesday, May 21.  Today there is a big local celebration in Las Cruces, NM, with a host of Department of Interior dignitaries.  Throughout the week, members of the Friends Grassroots Network wasted no time in sharing the good news, affirming the President’s intentions, and generally just clicking a few heels in celebration.

We couldn’t possibly capture all of the breaking-news emails, facebook posts, tweets and everything else, but here’s a sample of what groups around the Friends Grassroots Network had to share. Enjoy!

“IT’S HAPPENING!!! Please help us celebrate!”
-Lucas Herndon, Friends of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks

-Sarah Sauter, Western Slope Conservation Center

“Big news from New Mexico. The Obama Administration continues to build a conservation legacy.”
–Rick Johnson, Idaho Conservation League

“New Mexico will soon have a new National Monument!”
-Friends of Gold Butte

“Congrats Lucas!! We are all so excited!”
-Danielle Murray, Conservation Lands Foundation

“Big news! This will be President Obama’s largest conservation action using his authority to protect America’s public lands. Could not be more proud of my colleagues and partners who made this happen.”
–Sam Goldman, Conservation Lands Foundation

“Congratulations to Lucas Herndon and others who worked so hard seeking the designation of this new National Monument near Las Cruces, NM! Another Friends group will soon have a formal relationship with BLM to promote good stewardship there.”
–Friends of the San Pedro River

“Great News! Thanks to the local community’s tremendous grassroots efforts over the last decade, the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks will soon be designated New Mexico’s newest national monument.”
–Senator Martin Heinrich

“President Obama followed our lead and just designated another national monument!! Thanks to all of you Stornetta supporters for inspiring the path!!”
-Point Arena-Stornetta

“Get ready to welcome America’s newest National Monument – Organ Mountains in New Mexico!!!!”

-Friends of Ironwood Forest

“Congratulations! We celebrate your victory. It is so important we let the Administration know that we support this new monument. Here’s hoping this means more monuments in the near future. Way to go!
–Friends of Joshua Tree Forest

“Congratulations, Lucas and Friends of the OMDP! That’s a whole lotta new National Monument. I look forward to visiting it one day.”
-Sanctuary Forest

“Starry, starry night. Now protected for our future. Well done.”
-Friends of Red Rock Canyon

CLF Director Brian O'Donnell snapped this photo today: "Good morning Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument!"

CLF Director Brian O’Donnell snapped this photo today: “Good morning Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument!”

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