Protect, Restore & Expand

“These cultural and natural treasures are an important part of our national heritage, and they are increasingly at risk. We must have the will and the means to preserve them.”Richard Moe, President Emeritus, National Trust For Historic Preservation and Conservation Lands Foundation Board Member

The Conservation Lands Foundation was founded in 2007 on the belief that our public lands are best protected when there is a national network of local advocates working to advance a common conservation vision. As the only non-profit in the country dedicated solely to safeguarding the National Conservation Lands, our mission is to protect, restore and expand these lands through education, advocacy and partnerships. Here are some of the ways we do this.

  • Encourage the President to use the Antiquities Act, one of the most important conservation tools, to create new national monuments that will expand the National Conservation Lands by 4 million acres over the next four years.
  • Build and invest in local organizations, referred to collectively as the Friends Grassroots Network, to be good stewards of and strong advocates for these places.
  • Advocate for good public lands policy that make habitat conservation a prime objective of the Bureau of Land Management for decades to come.
  • Inventory and prioritize restoration needs on the National Conservation Lands and form new partnerships to restore wildlife habitat, improve trails and protect our cultural sites.
  • Inform and inspire the public to be aware of these national treasures and act to safeguard them.



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