Partners for the National Conservation Lands


The American West has been a story of discovery, homeland, history and new beginnings. The National Conservation Lands tell that story. We are a network of people and organizations that work to care for and stand up for these lands. Tribes, business organizations, veterans groups, Latino organizations, and more work in cooperation with the Conservation Lands Foundation and the Friends Grassroots Network, as together, we work to care for our nation’s newest collection of protected public lands.

Our stories are the story of the West. The Native American tribe that works to steward sacred sites and advocate for land protection, the non-profit that takes kids and families out to experience new adventures, or the sportsmen’s group that restores a favorite fishery. Along with the Friends Grassroots Network, the Partners for the National Conservation Lands are committed to protecting, restoring and expanding the National Conservation Lands, defending the Antiquities Act, and defending public lands against attempts to sell or privatize them—including transferring them to states.

We are a network of stewards, advocates and stakeholders that are committed to safeguarding the National Conservation Lands—the national monuments, national conservation areas, wilderness areas, rivers and trails managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

We hope that you will join us as we use our collective resources to defend and protect these places—places that contain our natural and cultural treasures, our history, our heritage: our shared American story.

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