Grant Making

“With the amazing support from Conservation Lands Foundation, our capacity to make a positive impact in our community, our Valley, and for our people has grown beyond what we ever could have dreamed. The opportunities that we have been given as an organization and as residents of an impoverished rural community can only be described as life-changing. We are truly grateful.”
– Anna Lee Vargas, Conejos Clean Water, San Luis Valley, Colorado

The Conservation Lands Foundation makes grants under our Constituency Development Program. We provide financial and training resources to support organizations working to protect, restore and expand National Conservation Lands. The bulk of our resources in this program go to organizations that are in our Friends Grassroots Network. Resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Grants for project-specific work
  • Grants for organizational development
  • Fundraising support, including training and resource development
  • Consulting for planning, policy or technical help
  • Training for board and staff development
  • Media and communications training
  • Participation at our annual conference, the Friends’ Grassroots Network Rendezvous

Due to overwhelming demand, participation in the Constituency Development Program is by invitation only. If you have been invited to apply for a grant, please visit our Grant Portal Page. However, if you would like to discuss an idea or opportunity to enhance your work on behalf of the National Conservation Lands, please contact a Foundation staff person in your region.

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