Hats off to Pat Williams, Friend Extraordinaire

Our hats are off to BLM for recognizing the outstanding work of the virtuoso of volunteerism, our very own Pat Williams! Pat contributed over 20,000 hours (that’s 9.6 YEARS!!!) to the protection and restoration of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pat received the Milestone award yesterday in Reno via live video conference. Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior, Neil Kornze, Principal Deputy Director of BLM and Carl Rountree, Assistant Director for the National Conservation Lands were on hand to laud the dedication, hard work and perseverance of Pat and the other award winners.

Many of you have had the pleasure of meeting Pat and her husband Chuck at the Rendezvous, and if you’ve been really lucky you’ve soaked up some of her knowledge, experience, contagious enthusiasm and sharp wit.

She and Chuck have been a driving force for the Friends of Red Rock Canyon (FRRC) since 1999.  This dynamic duo helped grow FRRC into the largest, most well funded and multi-faceted group in the Friends Grassroots Network.  And while she worked to raise money, spearhead restoration projects, recruit and manage volunteers and build a strong base of support for Red Rock Canyon NCA in Las Vegas, she’s also been a strong leader in the Friends Grassroots Network. She has been instrumental helping BLM implement strong conservation management for Red Rock Canyon and other areas that are part of the National Conservation Lands.

As some of you may remember, Pat received the Conservation Lands Foundation’s coveted Advocate of the Year award in 2012 for her leadership in the Network and her unswerving dedication to the protection of the National Conservation Lands.

BLM’s Deputy Director Neil Kornze hit the nail on the head when he said that Pat’s work has made a lasting imprint and left a legacy for others to follow.

Please join the staff and board of CLF in thanking Pat for her hours of service and exemplary leadership and congratulating her on her well deserved award!

Well done Pat!!!

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