About Friends of the Yampa

Friends of the Yampa is an all-volunteer organization and was founded in 1981. The group’s mission is to protect and enhance the Yampa River’s environmental and recreational integrity through stewardship, advocacy, education and partnerships. Based in Steamboat Springs, CO, the group organizes clean-ups, hosts community forums about the river and its tributaries, helps fund and build river features and habitat, and participates in a variety of local, regional and national policy efforts and campaigns.

The Yampa River watershed includes a number of Wilderness Study Areas managed by the BLM and other public lands, such as Yampa State Park and Dinosaur National Monument. It is formed at the confluence of the Bear River and Philips Creek in northwest Colorado’s Routt County. It flows through Steamboat Springs, flows abruptly west, and eventually flows through Dinosaur National Monument where it joins the Green River at Echo Park. The Yampa River is the largest and longest tributary of the Colorado River that remains in its free-flowing state.

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  • 04.20.16

    The incredible accomplishments of the Friends Grassroots Network

    Let’s Begin With Thank You In honor of National Volunteer Week, the staff of the Conservation Lands Foundation would like to say thank you to the people who are part of the Friends Grassroots Network, made up of 63 of the best, most effective non-profit conservation organizations working in the U.S. today. … read more

  • 07.23.15

    Yampa River Awareness Project, v.2015

    Back in the winter of 2006-7, a group of Yampa River advocates got together with aspirations to produce a documentary film about this great river in northwest Colorado—to show its unmatched beauty, unique natural attributes, and the various water projects and proposals that could impact it. They were successful in … read more

  • 01.16.14

    Friends of the Yampa: New Members of the Friends Grassroots Network

    The Conservation Lands Foundation is pleased to welcome Friends of the Yampa based in Steamboat Springs, CO as new partners and members of the Friends Grassroots Network. The Network is made up of 50+ non-profit organizations throughout the western states (and one in Florida) that are stewards and advocates for … read more

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