About Carrizo Plain Conservancy

The recent approval and construction of two solar power plants, Topaz Solar Farms and California Valley Solar Ranch, has resulted in the acquisition and conservation of approximately 30,000 acres of land by the solar companies to mitigate the impacts of their projects. These projects and the newly conserved lands are separated from the National Monument by California Valley, a subdivision created in 1960, and other private farm and ranch lands. The solar power plants are slated for decommissioning and removal beginning in 2047 so that, eventually, even the plant sites will be restored as protected habitat, increasing the total conserved lands to over 40,000 acres. These new lands offer a chance to build upon and expand past investments in conservation on the Carrizo.

The Carrizo Plain Conservancy was formed to build upon the vision and energy from both the original move to establish the Carrizo Plain National Monument and the recent conservation efforts associated with the solar power facilities.

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