About Amargosa Conservancy

The Amargosa Conservancy is based in Shoshone, California and works to make the Amargosa region a priority for government land managers, and partners with them to accomplish goals of common interest.

In addition, the Amargosa Conservancy seeks to:

  • Build support for the Amargosa Conservancy among local communities, political leaders at all levels,  and others who love the Amargosa
  • Control invasive species, gather data essential to understanding the Amargosa’s water resources, and partner with others to support economic sustainability consistent with conservation of the Amargosa
  • Protect key conservation properties through acquisition of easements or outright purchase

Often called the “Crown Jewel of the Mojave Desert,” the Amargosa is the only free-flowing river in the Death Valley region of the Mojave, providing a rare and lush riparian area in the desert. The river was designated Wild and Scenic in 2009, making it part of the National Conservation Lands and one of California’s eight Wild and Scenic Rivers.

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