Friends Rendezvous Opening Night with Jaime Pinkham

Our sixth annual Friends Rendezvous has kicked off in Bend, Oregon! We are excited to be spending the weekend with over 175 advocates for the National Conservation Lands.  During our welcome dinner we heard from keynote speaker Jaime Pinkham. A member of the Nez Perce tribe, Jaime inspired the gathering with stories of his heritage, his lifetime of working to protect our country’s treasures, and how we can protect our lands for future generations.

Having grown up living and working on land conservation in Idaho, Jaime shared the values that he learned from working in what can be a hostel environment for those working to protect our lands. He told the crowd that in Idaho it can be difficult to be a salmon, an environmentalist, and a Native American. He then asked the crowed to imagine what it is like to be a salmon eating, Native American, environmentalist, like him.

Jaime discussed the importance of collaboration and listening to even those that disagree with your positions. He also shared important wisdom from a friend “we need to be peacemakers when we can, warriors when we need to be.”

Having begun his speech with a story from his grandfather, Jaime rounded out his speech with how he wants to leave the lands from his grandchildren and the generations to come. He wanted those in attendance to see how these lands were here before us and will be here after we are gone.

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