Conservation Lands Foundation Statement on National Monuments Review Summary

In response to DOI’s release of its national monument review report summary, the Conservation Lands Foundation’s Executive Director and Board Chair issued the following statements:

Brian Sybert, Executive Director: 

“Public lands are well-loved by all Americans and should not be turned into a partisan issue. Secretary Zinke has once again proven to be divisive and turned public support for our national monuments into a wedge issue. His actions today clearly demonstrate that he does not have the public’s interest in mind and is opening up these lands to the oil, gas and mining industries. He is set to ruin one-of-a-kind historic and cultural treasures that all Americans should be able to enjoy. Conservation Lands Foundation will fight any changes to our beloved national monuments and we are prepared to take that fight to the courts.”

Ed Norton, Board Chair:

“This entire national monument review process and recommendations has been a sham and a foregone conclusion from the beginning. From the outset, Zinke was not conducting an honest review and has shown a blatant disregard for our national monuments and the American people. One can only conclude that the Secretary is more interested in helping private industry enrich itself rather than siding with the American people who overwhelmingly want to protect our precious natural and cultural heritage.”

Posted by Dave Welz in Blog & Videos
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