CLF Responds to Rep. Bishop’s Radical “No New Parks” Bill

Durango, Colo. (UPDATED October 11, 2017)–The Conservation Lands Foundation has sent a letter to the House Natural Resources Committee opposing H.R. 3990–Congressman Rob Bishop’s (R-UT) attempt to gut the Antiquities Act, and released the following statement from Executive Director Brian Sybert:

“H.R. 3990 is a radical and unprecedented attempt to gut the Antiquities Act, the law that has protected some of our most iconic national parks and national monuments.

“This bill would eliminate protections for wildlife habitat treasured by sportsmen, and would virtually eliminate the possibility of protecting undiscovered cultural heritage sites found near other national monuments—a direct attack on Native American Tribes and their heritage.

“This poisonous bill, were it to become law, would have a disastrous effect on our treasured public lands legacy and on the many rural economies that depend on national parks and national monuments and the visitors and businesses they attract. Our public lands estate—owned by all Americans—is the envy of the world. This bill threatens that legacy, and allowing it to become law would be a crime against the American people and future generations.”

Read the letter Conservation Lands Foundation sent to the Committee on Natural Resources opposing H.R. 3990, Congressman Bishop’s attempt to gut the Antiquities Act–one of our nation’s most effective and popular conservation laws.

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