BLM Photographer Bob Wick Highlighted in CBS News Story

Just last week Bob Wick, a Wilderness Specialist with BLM, was featured during CBS nightly news. The story highlighted Wick’s “side job” as a photographer for the BLM in conjunction with the recent addition of the Stornetta Public Lands.  “Bob Wick’s photos do more than describe the new addition to the California Coastal National Monument – they take you there.”

CLF contacted Wick to congratulate him on the CBS story. Wick admitted much of what he talked about with the reporter was cut out. “I spoke with both the producer and reporter about those that worked to make the designation possible, but they did not show that part of the interview!  In any event, I think the piece highlighted the amazing western landscapes of the National Conservation Lands.”

The Conservation Lands Foundation would like to thank Wick and the BLM for all their amazing photos of the National Conservation Lands.  Many of the photos on the CLF website were taken by Wick. We agree with CBS that Wick has the ability to capture the “wild, remote beauty few of us are fortunate to see.”

View the full CBS story and video.

Below are a few of our favorite photos from Bob Wick.

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Pronghorn & SageGrouse

organ mtns wsa nm-1-2

Organ Mountains WSA, NM

Photo of Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument

Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains NM, CA

Red Cliffs NCA

Red Cliffs National Conservation Area


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