Big sky, bigger adventures in Montana

The National Geographic Traveler editors included the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument as one of 2013’s must-see places. This is what they had to say about this part of our National Conservation Lands:

“It still contains the “scenes of visionary enchantment” the explorers found in 1805, where rugged sandstone canyons meet the river, then climb to a seemingly limitless prairie full of life. Bighorn sheep and elk sip from the river while antelope scamper. Eagles scream, coyotes sing, and prairie dogs do that funky dance.”

Upper Missouri River Breaks

We’ve always thought the Breaks was one of the crown jewels of the National Conservation Lands. It’s great to see it see more people encouraged to explore the monument.

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Learn more about the Breaks from the Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument.

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