Big Policy Win for National Conservation Lands

You may have missed it in the news, but last week Friends of Ironwood Forest scored a major victory when the BLM announced it would ban recreational shooting in Ironwood Forest National Monument.  The decision was hailed as commonsense, laudable example of good management by the BLM.  Advocates in Tucson, Marana and Casa Grande have for years asked the BLM to do a better job managing the noise, public safety risk and resource damage that recreational shooting brought to the monument.

Just a few miles to the north, Friends of Sonoran Desert National Monument will take note of the ruling.  There, the BLM has inexplicably chosen to allow recreational shooting, with the same human safety and habitat degradation issues at stake.  Celebrate Friends of Ironwood Forest’s great work by facebooking their good news and share this example of citizen advocacy at its very best.



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