Wilderness Society Launches “Desert Treasures” Site

The Conservation Lands Foundation has been working with The Wilderness Society, the Friends Grassroots Network and other organizations to marshal support for the BLM to protect culturally and ecologically significant lands in the California Desert.

This process is happening through the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan, and will provide important habitat connectivity for disparate conservation units in the Mojave Desert.  The Wilderness Society has a great new feature up on their website about the “Desert Treasures” at stake in this process, with some great mapping resources as well.

And for more background on the magnitude of the opportunity, check out their great fact sheet on the DRECP.    My favorite “treasure” is the Silurian Valley–let us know what area is your favorite! (photo: Trona Pinnacles ACEC, Bob Wick)

Posted by John Wallin in Blog & Videos