Students Protecting the Coast

Last fall, middle school students in Mednocino County in embarked on an interdisciplinary  project to learn more about protecting public lands on California’s North Coast.The students focused on the Stornetta Public Lands and the campaign to include these lands into the California Coastal National Monument. The Stornetta Public Lands have been called one of the most significant parts of the Mendocino coastline.

The Stornetta Public Lands are widely valued by the local community and there is strong support to see the lands and Garcia watershed protected.

A stunning part of California’s coast, the area is important wildlife habitat for several endangered species and native plant communities. It’s one of the prime birding locations in Mendocino County for multiple bird species and is a perfect area for tundra swans and other migrating birds to nest and feed.

If Stornetta is included as part of the California Coastal National Monument, it would be the first onshore land to be included in the National Monument. A monument expansion would also make the area part of our National Conservation Lands.

Learn more about their project.

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