Rendezvous Wrap Up

Thank you to all the members of the Friends Grassroots Network for making our sixth annual Friends Rendezvous such a success!

Here’s coverage looking back at this great conference that was held October 25-27 in Bend, Oregon along the banks of the Deschutes River.

Conservation Leaders Work to Expand the National Conservation Lands

After three days with local conservation leaders from around the nation, it is easy to be excited about the future prospects for the National Conservation Lands. Alongside dozens of local Friends groups working to protect and restore their units of the System, this year’s Rendezvous brought together representatives from more than ten local campaigns to expand our National Conservation Lands. Read more and submit your comments.

work partyTeam Rendezvous Lends a Hand to Steelhead Falls

More than 70 Friends Rendezvous participants joined BLM staff early Sunday morning at the Steelhead Falls Wilderness Study Area to knock out a quick service project. These quick service trips are a highlight for Rendezvous attendees, who take a break from networking indoors to do what they love best–hit the trails and get their hands dirty. Read more and submit your comments.

Barbed Wire and a Slow, Steady Pace in the Badlands

“We don’t have to get it all out today” explained David Eddleston, Executive Director of the Friends of the Badlands. Our group was relieved by this direction, as we loaded up multiple coils of barbed wire, but leaving more on the ground in this GPS-marked cache of removed fence materials. We hoisted metal posts loaded with the coils onto our shoulders, and began our slow march out to the trailhead. We were taking our turn in a slow and steady project, lasting many months, to remove obsolete fencing from this basalt lava landscape a mere 20 minutes outside of Bend known as the Oregon Badlands Wilderness. Read more and submit your comments.

Jaime PinkhamFriends Rendezvous Opening Night with Jaime Pinkham

Our sixth annual Friends Rendezvous has kicked off in Bend, Oregon! We are excited to be spending the weekend with over 175 advocates for the National Conservation Lands. During our welcome dinner we heard from keynote speaker Jaime Pinkham. A member of the Nez Perce tribe, Jaime inspired the gathering with stories of his heritage, his lifetime of working to protect our country’s treasures, and how we can protect our lands for future generations. Read more and submit your comments.

Rendezvous Photo Contest 2013

Our first Friends Rendezvous photo contest yielded plenty of great photography. The subjects for the photos were wide-ranging. Check out some of the more notable submissions below. Do you have photos from Rendezvous you’d like to share? Read more and submit your comments.

Friends Grassroots Network Rendezvous 2013: Success in Many Forms

On opening night of Rendezvous, Friends Grassroots Network members are invited to stand up before the whole group and tell their “one-minute” success stories. In what has become a spirited Rendezvous tradition, the microphone was passed and the stories flew on Friday night in Bend, Oregon. Read more and submit your comments.

Rendezvousing with Regional Cohorts

Each year, the Friends Rendezvous attracts Conservation Lands advocates from across the West for a weekend of training, networking, peer-learning, and camaraderie. For some, the Rendezvous is an opportunity to catch up with their colleagues working in other states; for others, it’s an opportunity to learn more about the movement and meet some of their counterparts from other groups for the first time. Read more and submit your comments.

California Friends Assess Implementation of 5-Year Strategic Plan for National Conservation Lands

At the 2013 Friends Rendezvous, organizations from across the West gathered at the annual conference of friends groups that work on protecting the National Conservation Lands. Representatives from a dozen organizations in California were well represented and met to discuss the first year of the implementation of the important policy document. A report based on these findings will be published for the California BLM State Director and for managers of the National Conservation Lands in California. Read more and submit your comments.

#FriendsRendezvous Through Social Media

This year’s Rendezvous saw more social media activity than ever. Thank you everyone for your participation! Check out this sampling of #FriendsRendezvous posts from Twitter and Instagram. Read more and submit your comments.

Welcome to the 2013 Rendezvous

On Friday, Friends groups descended on Bend, OR to celebrate the National Conservation Lands, to network and share stories. Over 180 participants from around the nation arrived at the River house located on the Deschutes River ready for a full weekend. Read more and submit your comments.

In the News

Bend Bulletin: Volunteers polish Steelhead Falls

The air was chilly Sunday morning as several dozen volunteers gathered near a trailhead at Steelhead Falls Wilderness Study Area northwest of Terrebonne. The volunteers spent the morning repairing flood damage from a storm earlier this year on public land overseen by the Bureau of Land Management. Many of the volunteers who worked on the project live in other states and traveled to Bend for a conference of the Conservation Lands Foundation. Read more.

Public News Service: “Friends” of Public Lands Gather in Bend

About 200 people from across the West are in Bend this weekend for a conference to brainstorm about ways to help the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) better protect the country’s National Conservation Lands. Read more.

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