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Rendezvous 2016: Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, Las Vegas, Nevada

The 8th Friends Rendezvous was held Sept. 29 – Oct. 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the biggest and dare we say best Rendezvous yet, featuring practical and invaluable breakout sessions, and stirring plenary sessions and speeches. We welcomed many new faces, reconnected with long-time friends, and all who attended were exposed to a wealth of information and inspiration. Below you will find many of the presentations for your use. Please don’t hesitate to contact your CLF representative (or any of us) with questions and comments.

Materials and Presentations – Day 1 (Friday)

Fundraising With Kim Klein – Materials and Presentations

  • How Fundraising Plans Build Relationships (PowerPoint .pptx file) (link coming)
  • The Missing Middle: Neglecting Middle Donors is Costing You Millions (.pdf file) (link coming)
  • Fundraising planning worksheet (Word .docx file) (link coming)
  • Sample Fundraising Plan 2016 (Word .docx file) (link coming)

New Partners Gathering

  • New Partners Gathering (PowerPoint .pptx file) (link coming)

Materials and Presentations – Day 2 (Saturday)

Kim Klein Breakouts

  • Fundraising Bright Spots Presentation (PowerPoint .pptx file) (link coming)
  • How To Raise $30,000 in Six Weeks Presentation (PowerPoint .pptx file) (link coming)

The Avarna Group Breakouts

  • Cultural Relevance, Is That A Thing? (PowerPoint .pptx file) (link coming)
  • Grappling With Bias To Become A More Culturally Relevant Organization (PowerPoint .pptx file) (link coming)


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