Massive Support for Protection of Stornetta Public Lands as National Monument

Sometimes big things come in small packages.

The tiny coastal hamlet of Point Arena packed their city hall yesterday with 300 supporters of protecting Stornetta Public Lands as the first mainland addition to the California Coastal National Monument. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, joined by Representative Jared Huffman, were treated to an impressive array of reasons the region needs the extra protection a national monument designation would bring.  Schoolchildren read poems, local business and civic leaders testified about the positive economic value of a designation, and the Secretary was treated to breaching humpback whales on her coastal hike earlier in the day.

The overwhelming positive response comes just a few days after Secretary Jewell pledged that the Obama administration would lead on conservation where Congress fails to act. Stornetta’s supporters, including our partners at the Mendocino Land Trust, believe there’s no better example of the need for executive action, with the monument expansion bill offered by Huffman stalled in Congress.

Here’s to hoping the administration acts quickly to respond to public demand for conservation progress.



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