Living on Earth: Presidential Pen Creating National Monuments

Our National Monument Campaign Director Ryan Bidwell recently sat down with Living on Earth to discuss the the importance of monuments, how they incorporate individual values of the land and public input so people get to be part of the process of protecting a place:

“The administration has been very clear from the beginning that it wants to go about creating new National Monuments in an open and transparent way. So we’ve seen, as you said, nine new National Monuments established to date. In all instances, these were long-term campaigns to protect important places, whether they were historic sights like the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument, or large landscapes like the Rio Grande Del Norte in New Mexico. All of them had local community efforts, most efforts had legislation in Congress that had failed to move, and ultimately those community groups petitioned the Obama administration to get more involved, and ultimately to create a National Monument in their area.”

Listen to an archive of the show.

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