Kudos to Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument!

Kudos to Friends of the Sonoran Desert National Monument (FSDNM) http://www.sonorandesertfriends.org on a productive weekend of hard work!

Not many of us get involved in conservation in order to spend a sunny weekend inside a windowless meeting room. But the board and staff of the Friends of the Sonoran Desert did just that- spending two full days with CLF staff learning how to strengthen their organization and focus their fundraising to ensure the FSDNM are the most effective and well-funded advocate possible for the Sonoran Desert National Monument.

In addition to the important work they’re already doing to protect the fragile Sonoran Desert landscape within the 496,337-acre national monument, the group will be expanding its board, creating new internal systems to become more efficient in supporting its membership and initiate a new campaign to expand its major donor program.

And just in case you missed it, here is a link to a great guest editorial that Thom Hulen, Executive Director of FSDNM, had printed in the Arizona Republic, Arizona’s largest newspaper.  Thom echoes Secretary Babbitt’s call to the administration to put conservation on equal ground with oil and gas development.


Great work Friends!

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