Janet Moreland is Speaking at the 2013 Friends Grassroots Network Rendezvous in Bend, OR

A few weeks ago we leaked the news that one of our featured speakers at the Friends Grassroots Rendezvous in Bend, Oregon will be Janet Moreland–kayaker, educator and first woman to paddle the entire length of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.  We couldn’t be prouder to have Janet agree to “moor” on the riverbanks for a few days (somewhere near Memphis) and join Charlotte Overby, Conservation Lands Foundation’s River Coordinator, at the Rendezvous for a plenary co-presentation on Saturday morning, Oct. 26.

The title of their talk is “Rivers of the National Conservation Lands: Paddling Wild to Domesticated on the Nation’s Longest River.” Charlotte and Janet will take us on a trip that will deepen our understanding and make us stronger advocates for the rivers of the National Conservation Lands…. and beyond. The BLM manages approximately 200,000 miles of river – where does “your” river fit into this picture? They will explore the potential for new protections, improved management, better communications and renewed commitment to doing all we can for these important and much-loved waterways.


Plus, there will be some incredible stories in between. Janet Moreland is a paddler and newly minted science and social studies middle school teacher. She will be literally just “off the river” for Rendezvous – taking a 4-day break from her journey to become the first woman to solo paddle the entire 3700-mile length of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. She began her trip in April at the river’s source in Montana’s Centennial Mountains and will end her river trip in the Gulf of New Mexico sometime this winter. Originally from Sacramento, CA, Janet resides in Columbia, Missouri where she recently graduated from college with a degree in education, calls Cooper’s Landing in Boone County her home base, and inspires and helps Missouri River Relief—a non-profit working on behalf of the lower Missouri River. (You can also ask her about rock climbing in Yosemite and residing in Camp 4 during its hey-day… and more.)

Take a minute to read her blog – and by all means, follow her on Facebook. She has done an incredible job of using social media to bring many people with her, figuratively, on this trip—and meet and introduce many more along the way.

Janet Moreland on the upper Missouri River, Montana. (Photo by and courtesy of Norm Miller)

Janet Moreland on the upper Missouri River, Montana. (Photo by and courtesy of Norm Miller)

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