Our Mission


As the only nonprofit in the country solely dedicated to protecting the National Conservation Lands, our mission is to protect, restore and expand the National Conservation Lands through education, advocacy and partnerships.

Guiding Vision:

The Conservation Lands Foundation believes in a just, equitable and sustainable future for our lands, waters, wildlife and for all people. America’s public lands belong to all of us and must benefit all of us as they reveal our history, tell our stories, celebrate the diversity of our country and honor the myriad of ways we find connection and meaning in these unique places. We stand with frontline communities seeking fundamental human rights of freedom, justice and equal protection under the law. In the pursuit of our mission and daily work, we are dedicated to building an inclusive future for all communities.

As Board and Staff of the Conservation Lands Foundation, we:

  • believe in the power of citizen organizing for social change;
  • commit to empowering broad and diverse local voices to advance grassroots advocacy for our public lands and frontline communities;
  • expect to receive and extend honesty, integrity, trust and mutual respect for each other; and will develop partner relationships based on these values.

Ultimate Outcomes:

Our work will be done, when:

  • The National Conservation Lands represent the diversity of our nation and include the most ecologically, culturally and historically significant lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management;
  • Lands included in the National Conservation Lands are inclusive of all people, provide equitable access and are guaranteed protections of their ecological and cultural resources

The National Conservation Lands are our nation’s newest collection of protected lands and waterways—standing proudly alongside our National Parks, National Forests and National Wildlife Refuges as treasured places belonging to every American. Learn more about the National Conservation Lands and what we do to protect, restore and expand them.

Sonoran Desert National Monument, AZ

Protect: The Sonoran Desert National Monument, Arizona, currently at risk from irresponsible shooting.


Restore: A Veterans Conservation Crew–part of Conservation Lands Foundation’s “From Military Service To Green Service” program–works to restore trails and preserve cultural sites in the Rodman Mountains Wilderness. CLF partners with corporate donors and BLM Field Offices to put youth and veterans to work on public lands.
Expand: Mojave Trails National Monument was designated on February 12, 2016. Spanning 1.6 million acres, it is comprised of a stunning mosaic of rugged mountain ranges, ancient lava flows, and spectacular sand dunes. The monument will protect irreplaceable historic resources including ancient Native American trading routes, World War II-era training camps, and the longest remaining undeveloped stretch of Route 66. Additionally, the area has been a focus of study and research for decades, including geological research and ecological studies on the effects of climate change and land management practices on ecological communities and wildlife.
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