Dolores River Tours

Do you want to take a Google Earth “fly-by” tour of the Dolores River?

  • Click on the tour you want to view from the choices below.
  • Press the play button to run the tour. Stop, rewind or speed it up anytime.
  • Pause the tour at any time. Then use the Google navigation tools on the right to zoom in, change the angle, or explore. Press play to resume the tour.
  • Click on the “i” symbols that occasionally appear for info text and photographs. Click outside the “i” box to close it. Press the play button again, and the tour will resume.
  • Your computer needs the Google Earth Plug-in to view the tours.

Google Earth enthusiasts know that sometimes it takes awhile for Google Earth to render map images. If that occurs too often, try starting the tour over again. The faster and more reliable your internet connection is, the better the Google Earth experience.

Map of the Dolores River

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