Fun(d)raising in Montana!

Congratulations to Beth Kampschror and Nikki Lister at Friends of the Missouri Breaks for a fun, successful and unusual fundraiser!

No matter what role you play in your Friends group, scheming about new, creative and effective ways to raise unrestricted dollars is probably never from your thoughts. And opportunities to raise money while also participating in fun community events that help you gain members and profile are the best. (At CLF we call those two-‘fers, or even better, three-‘fers). Beth and Nikki found a great three-fer for Friends of the Missouri Breaks (http://www.missouribreaks.org).

Guest Bartenders is a regular evening event at the Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton, Montana.  Located on the banks of the Missouri River, the Grand Union is a classic old hotel that has been in operation since before Montana became a state. postcard-sephia It is the gathering place for visitors and residents of Fort Benton, which is also home of the Missouri Breaks Interpretive Center.

On designated Friday nights, the hotel invites two locals to be “guest bartenders.”  The bartenders work for tips that are donated to a local non-profit of their choice.  This popular event has raised more than $5,300 for local charities and sparked a little friendly competition to see which group can raise the most money.  And so far, Friends of the Missouri Breaks is in first place, having raised $800 in one night!

This is an especially impressive accomplishment knowing that the Friends has been an outspoken advocate for the protection of the Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument – a position that has not always been popular in some of the conservative communities of eastern Montana.  When the local Friends group holds to its standards AND raises more money than the Fort Benton Fishing Derby, the Chouteau County Library and the Fort Benton High School scholarship fund, you know they’re doing something right!

If you have a success story you’d like to share, let us know or blog about it yourself!


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