About Mattole Restoration Council

Based in Petrolia, CA, the mission of the Mattole Restoration Council is to restore the natural systems in the Mattole River Watershed and sustain the levels of health and productivity of forests, fisheries, soil, and other plant and animal communities. The organization works to protect the King Range National Conservation Area by working on policy, education, communications and restoration. These programs include working on river restoration, introducing fire management regimes in the King Range, and working to communicate the values and resources of the King Range to visitors and to the community. The organization is part of the Mattole River and Range Partnership.

From the blog

  • 07.16.13

    Planning for the future

    The King Range National Conservation Area in northern California is a little-known gem within the National Conservation Lands that boasts the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline in the Lower 48. With some of the most wild and inaccessible lands in the country, birders, rockhounds, hikers, hunters, fisherman and surfers consider … read more

  • 07.3.13

    Organizations Team-Up for Restoration Work in the King Range NCA

    On Monday, July 1, 2013, in the King Range National Conservation Area, a nine-member team from the American Conservation Experience (ACE) worked side-by-side with volunteers from the Mattole Restoration Council, Lost Coast Interpretive Association, and Sanctuary Forest and staff from the Bureau of Land Management to build new trails and … read more

  • 10.11.11

    One-minute success stories from the Friends Rendezvous

    One of our favorite moments at the recent Friends Rendezvous in Indian Wells, CA actually consisted of several moments—when individual people stood up and told stories about their organization’s recent conservation successes, in one minute or less. Some of them were funny, poignant, even raucous. All were inspiring. They were … read more

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