About Dolores River Boating Advocates

Dolores River Boating Advocates seeks to optimize flows, restore the natural environment, and permanently protect the Dolores River for whitewater boating. Based in southwest Colorado, they work to protect and enhance the environmental and recreational integrity of the river through stewardship, advocacy, partnerships and outreach. The group is a source for Dolores River boating and conservation information. Headquartered in the town of Dolores, CO, they represent boating enthusiasts, guides, outfitters, anglers and people who simply love the river–and who have a stake in protecting flows in the river and preserving its unique ecosystem.

From the blog

  • 02.3.14

    We Are All Stewards of the Dolores River

    Jane Dally, a board member of the Dolores River Boating Advocates in Colorado, wrote the following article for the group’s first newsletter of 2014. It’s a nicely written piece about stewardship and the fundamentals of advocating for places we love: spending time in that place, taking care of it, knowing … read more

  • 12.11.13

    Take a Google Earth “fly-by” of the Dolores River

    It’s early December and the temperatures in southwest Colorado are in the minus-‘teens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit one of the region’s most spectacular rivers. How, you ask?  By “flying” the Dolores River courtesy of a new Google Earth digital tour, hosted here on our website. Last fall, … read more

  • 08.29.13

    Flash Flooding on the Lower Dolores River: What About the Fish?

    Three native fish species that live in the Dolores River in southwest Colorado have been receiving a fair bit of press lately. Their story – and tribulations – show how interconnected, complex, fragile and sometimes resilient, river ecosystems are. Their plight has also inspired an array of people in the … read more