Stories About our Friends Groups

Learn more about the friends groups that work together to expand the National Conservation Lands. Is there a place you love that should be protected? Join our grassroots network.

The history of conservation in America has shown that long-term protection of our natural and cultural heritage hinges on the involvement of local citizens and communities. But while local advocates have incredible knowledge, ambition and credibility, they often lack financial resources and the ability to influence federal decisions about the places they cherish.

The Conservation Lands Foundation builds and nurtures active, place-based groups and local leaders. By providing customized trainings and assistance in fundraising, media outreach, leadership development and more, we work hand in hand with our local partners and communities. In fact, many Conservation Lands Foundation staff began their own careers as passionate advocates for
a scenic place.

Over the next four years, the Conservation Lands Foundation will expand our reach among these groups from 45 to more than 60 active and effective local organizations. Not only will they advocate for “their” local lands, they will also work collectively to defend our larger national conservation accomplishments and heritage.

“Every one of our successes can be chalked up to the Conservation Lands Foundation’s support – from our improvements in our infrastructure, to building our volunteer program with the Bureau of Land Management, to building our membership and fundraising. The advice, strategies and tools provided by the Conservation Lands Foundation have been invaluable.” Beth Kampschror, Executive Director, Friends of the Missouri Breaks National Monument

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