Ready, set, …RMP!

Inspiring people to stay involved in the development of a Resource Management Plan (RMP) can be one of the toughest—and most important—undertakings for conservation groups in the Friends Grassroots Network. Staff and volunteers with the Western Slope Conservation Center recently organized an RMP Info + Action Meeting in Paonia, CO, … read more


The incredible accomplishments of the Friends Grassroots Network

Let’s Begin With Thank You In honor of National Volunteer Week, the staff of the Conservation Lands Foundation would like to say thank you to the people who are part of the Friends Grassroots Network, made up of 63 of the best, most effective non-profit conservation organizations working in the U.S. today. … read more


DOI/VISTA Volunteer: An Opportunity for Your Organization?

Has your non-profit “friends” group considered applying for a VISTA volunteer to work with your organization? The U.S. Department of Interior Volunteers in Service to America (DOI/VISTA) initiative offers full-time, college-trained volunteers to serve with sponsoring organizations. They write grants, recruit and train volunteers, interpret data, foster and nurture partnerships, … read more


Successful Step for Colorado’s North Fork Valley

Marking a huge milestone in an 18-month organizing effort, Western Slope Conservation Center and an array of local stakeholders in the Paonia, CO region have successfully asked the local BLM office to analyze and include their “North Fork Alternative” in the region’s Resource Management Plan (RMP) process. BLM staff agreed … read more


Advocates and Ambassadors: Western Slope Conservation Center, Paonia, CO

For 35 years, the Western Slope Conservation Center has been at the forefront of recycling programs, river restoration projects, responsible coal mining, natural gas issues, organizing hundreds of public events and outings, sustaining more than a decade of water quality sampling, and stewarding public lands throughout Colorado’s North Fork of … read more


Local Issues, National Context

A few weeks ago, we wrote a rather long post about The Conservation Center and the quandary they find themselves in: providing input to a much-needed revision of an old Resource Management Plan and fighting the sale of too many oil and gas leases, too close to productive agricultural lands … read more


You Could Find Yourself…

… in the midst of revising a Resource Management Plan and contending with the sale of oil and gas leases. This is the situation in Colorado for Friends Grassroots Network member NFRIA-WSERC Conservation Center (The Conservation Center). [update note: since this post was written, the group has changed it’s name … read more