The incredible accomplishments of the Friends Grassroots Network

Let’s Begin With Thank You In honor of National Volunteer Week, the staff of the Conservation Lands Foundation would like to say thank you to the people who are part of the Friends Grassroots Network, made up of 63 of the best, most effective non-profit conservation organizations working in the U.S. today. … read more


Closed Part 2- The Friends Grassroots Network Experiences the Impact of the Shutdown

Since the shutdown, the Friends Grassroots Network has directly experienced the effects through the termination of all volunteer activities and events.  The government shutdown has also led to: the closure of visitor centers including Friends offices; cancelation of all recreational and education events; and serious economic impacts on gateway communities … read more


Big Policy Win for National Conservation Lands

You may have missed it in the news, but last week Friends of Ironwood Forest scored a major victory when the BLM announced it would ban recreational shooting in Ironwood Forest National Monument.  The decision was hailed as commonsense, laudable example of good management by the BLM.  Advocates in Tucson, Marana and … read more


Ironwood Forest National Monument & Friends Featured in Tucson Living

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Volunteer Efforts at Ironwood Forest National Monument Give Hope Against Buffelgrass

“Save the Watermans” campaign organizer John Scheuring and the Friends of Ironwood Forest receive the Bureau of Land Management’s “Making a Difference” National Volunteer Award. This project has nearly eradicated buffelgrass from the Waterman Mountains following a concerted three-year effort aimed at completely controlling the species in this area by … read more