The Dolores River Gets a “Creative Solution to a Vexing Problem”

Southwest Colorado’s Dolores River Boating Advocates have collaborated with a landowner on the upper Dolores River to build a river fence that solves a mutual problem: fencing cows while keeping the river safe for boaters to pass. Spring run-off creates rushing water – great for boating and a great natural … read more


We Are All Stewards of the Dolores River

Jane Dally, a board member of the Dolores River Boating Advocates in Colorado, wrote the following article for the group’s first newsletter of 2014. It’s a nicely written piece about stewardship and the fundamentals of advocating for places we love: spending time in that place, taking care of it, knowing … read more


Take a Google Earth “fly-by” of the Dolores River

It’s early December and the temperatures in southwest Colorado are in the minus-‘teens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit one of the region’s most spectacular rivers. How, you ask?  By “flying” the Dolores River courtesy of a new Google Earth digital tour, hosted here on our website. Last fall, … read more


Flash Flooding on the Lower Dolores River: What About the Fish?

Three native fish species that live in the Dolores River in southwest Colorado have been receiving a fair bit of press lately. Their story – and tribulations – show how interconnected, complex, fragile and sometimes resilient, river ecosystems are. Their plight has also inspired an array of people in the … read more


Dolores River Boating Advocates: Ringing in the River Season

Spring is quickly turning into summer in southwest Colorado, and that means we’re in the thick of river season. The Dolores River Boating Advocates have a full schedule of festivals, stewardship projects, and fundraising efforts underway. The big-picture goal? – Optimize flows, restore the natural environment, and permanently protect the … read more


Fish and Flows on the Dolores River

Approximately 25 avid paddlers, river runners and outfitters gathered Feb. 11 in Mancos, CO to talk about one of the boating community’s favorite waterways: the Dolores River. The meeting was about a proposed plan to improve habitat for rare native fish in the river and protect water supplies for people. … read more


Listen Up! for “The River Trip” Radio Show, Coming this Valentine’s Day

The Dolores River Boating Advocates invite you to join them for a new radio show dedicated to Dolores River news and announcements, special guests, and stories from river runners. The show will air the second Thursday of every month at 8:30 am (MST), beginning on Thursday, February 14, 2013, 8:30 … read more


The Escalante River and Removing Invasive Russian Olive Trees

The Conservation Lands Foundation wants to help inspire people to become advocates for the National Conservation Lands. And for many people, that first step is often doing something—something physical where you’re outside, on the land and often happily getting dirty. The many organizations that are part of the Escalante River … read more