Count, Tally and Report: Numbers Tell A Story

Friends of the San Pedro River, based in southern Arizona, have been stewards, advocates and volunteers for this great desert waterway even before Congress designated it as a Riparian National Conservation Area on November 18, 1988. (Happy designation-birthday, SPRNCA!) Managing a bookstore, hikes, programs to local schools and community groups, input … read more


Friends of the San Pedro River Recognized for 10,000 Hours of Volunteer Support

Friends of the San Pedro River were surprised in early February with special recognition from BLM Director Neil Kornze, who thanked members of the group for providing over 10,000 hours of volunteer support in 2013 for resource management planning education forums and other interpretative, public outreach and maintenance programs at … read more


Ron Beck’s Big Year (and one for Friends of the San Pedro River)

Ron Beck, a resident of Cochise County in Arizona, is an expert birder and supporter of Friends of the San Pedro River. Ron recently completed a record-setting Big Year, which for birders is the incredible accomplishment of seeing and identifying more than 300 bird species in one year.  Ron’s achievement … read more


Closed Part 2- The Friends Grassroots Network Experiences the Impact of the Shutdown

Since the shutdown, the Friends Grassroots Network has directly experienced the effects through the termination of all volunteer activities and events.  The government shutdown has also led to: the closure of visitor centers including Friends offices; cancelation of all recreational and education events; and serious economic impacts on gateway communities … read more


The San Pedro River needs your help

Friday, September 27 is an important date for one of the most notable places in the National Conservation Lands: the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area in southern Arizona. This is the deadline to submit initial scoping comments to the BLM’s Tucson Field Office about a new Resource Management Plan … read more


News From the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area

Conservationists, local landowners and Bureau of Land Management officials are concerned that a plan to pump groundwater from southern Arizona’s San Pedro River basin to supply a soon-to-be-built 7,000-unit residential and commercial development will permanently harm the river and, more specifically, the many bird species that rely on the river … read more


Four Rivers (and what they mean for the mighty Colorado River)

This past week in southwest Colorado, the Mesa County Conservation Forum hosted a symposium made up of six experienced panelists to weigh in on and field questions about the “Value of the Colorado River to Western Colorado Economies.”  The lay-of-the-land is mind-blowing: Thirty million people in seven western states rely … read more


Get outside and volunteer: National Public Lands Day is Sept 24

This year, National Public Lands Day is September 24, 2011. While many supporters of the National Conservation Lands already volunteer throughout the year, this day provides a high profile opportunity to get others involved in conservation stewardship projects. More than 1,900 events are scheduled across the country, including several in the National … read more